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My experience building a home studio

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Window Lighting for product photography

Use natural resources to make a satisfying light. one among the simplest and most effective lighting setups for attire photography whether it's clothing, shoes, or accessories are often created with an outsized window and natural sunlight streaming through it. First, find an outsized window that filters much light into space at a 90-degree angle in reference to your product. If the sunshine streaming through.h the window is quite harsh, try hanging up a sheer, white sheet as a curtain to melt the sunshine and distribute it evenly onto your product

Two speed Light Setup

two speed Light Setup for product photography If you invest a lighting kit, you bought to confirm to urge two-speed lights to maximize the flexibility of your shooting options. Having two light also helps in low or night light situations. There are many affordable two-speed lights combo out there, so it’s just a matter of finding what suits your needs. For now, let’s mention the way to use duel light strobes together. within the single light setup, we advise placing a light-weight at a forty-five-degree angle from your product. Start that point and position your other light slightly near to your subject on the other side, also at a forty-five-degree angle in reference to your product. This second speed light is going to be your “fill light.” the 2 lights should be tethered manually or wirelessly in order that they both fire at an equivalent time

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