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From the sea to the darkroom: How water sports taught me the power of sharing ideas

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

1st thing you are looking for when approaching the water photography is what angle to shoot from and there are two factors that will help you make that decision: sun and background.


The golden-hour sun may offer your images those hot tones. The angle of the sun can create. Start looking for intriguing routines generated from the midday sunlight. Play lens. Creative Character Photography

Abstract photography

Go Abstract Some photographers push the altered facts subject even further by producing completely subjective images with themes in nature. Others insist that this puts the images from a different genre and then refuse to trace suit. Which class is correct almost certainly is not significant. What matters is if you discover that it's interesting and value your time and effort and effort. If this is so, you will find a lot more than simply enough issues with contrast, textures, colors, and exciting shapes to keep you busy for a long time

High shutter speed

whenever your shooting with water sport you need to work on the high shutter speed you have to take so many continuous clicks at the high shutter, speed of shutter it's depending what time of day you shoot the subject f its morning you can be 1/100-1/250 shutter afternoon it's many me 1/250-1/1200 its depart also the speed of the subject

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