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Secrets of a studio photographer

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Different types of light I'm using in my studio

Key Light

The key light is your main light. It’s “the cornerstone of your lighting setup,” and you’ll most frequently only be using one among them for your shoot. All of your metering efforts will begin with the key light, and subsequent lights are positioned and metered in reference to the key light.

Fill Light

The fill light is employed to fill in shadows on your subject. It’s mostly wont to gently fill darker areas, however, instead of totally remove a shadow. This light is metered to an equal or lower level than the key light.

Hair light

The hair light provides illumination to the hair of your subject, highlighting the finer details of the image. It’s also useful once you have a dark subject on a dark background, as highlights help to separate the topic from the background. Subsequently, you'll hear this light mentioned as a “separation light,” or maybe a “kicker light.”

Background Light

The background light adds light to the background, and you'll well have several of those (especially if you've got an outsized background within the shot). they're adequate to or less powerful than the key light.

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